About Me…

I was born in Rhode Island in August 1975 and grew up in the wooded and sparsely populated town of Foster, bordering rural Connecticut.  Like most ‘country’ kids, I participated in local athletics, rode motorcycles in the woods, and generally had the freedom to get into (and usually out of) quite a bit of trouble without the burden of a tight parental noose. I dreamed variously of one-day being a truck driver, a soldier, a lawyer or a world traveler; the latter in my novelty collection of prospective careers ultimately proving triumphant.  Through chance and struggle, I’ve managed to live and travel outside the US through some significant portion of my life and my writings have become an illustration and an integration of the divergent philosophies, cultures and people I’ve encountered.  I’ve learned the key lesson – nothing is better or worse, it’s all just ‘different’.

Just like any of my readers (I imagine), life for me has been in nearly equal measure both a struggle and a pleasure at various times. The daily happiness I find comes in reconciling the fact that on my worst days, I still have the good fortune of being neither persecuted, imprisoned, in failing health, or homeless.  In short, I believe that I’ve led a fortunate life – I’ve been able to pursue life as a both a student and teacher of others, a philosopher and a dreamer, and somehow to have found the time to put some of my thoughts on paper – breathing life and realism into the characters in my stories and, hopefully, giving you a vicarious adventure as you live along with the triumphs and travails of my protagonists.  I will always chase new experiences in life, adding the lessons learned to the repertoire of actions and intentions in each of my characters.

Thank you for taking the time to read my stories and thank you, in advance for sharing my books liberally with friends and people you meet.  I hope they serve as inspiration and escape for each of you.


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